Posted February 14, 2007 3:49 pm by with 3 comments

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According to an email received by Shimon Sandler, Google is gearing-up to start letting AdWords advertisers see their Quality Score.

…we’re making improvements to the way that we evaluate the Quality Score to set minimum bids for keywords. First, we will be launching an optional Quality Score column to provide you with more transparency into the Quality Score for your keywords. Second, we made improvements to the way that we evaluate the Quality Score for all keywords. This change will allow us to more accurately set minimum bids for keywords where the system does not have a significant amount of data.

Sharing the quality score of ads is something that Yahoo decided to do, with the launch of their new platform. It’s interesting to see Google following Yahoo’s lead for a change.

  • Andy, Here is the official annoucement on the Google blog.
    I also posted a screenshot of this when it was rumored in Jan. in case anyone wants to see what it will look like

  • Previously it was all pretty much guess work. Now we have something to show for our tests.

    Google showing the quality score is a HUGE step forward in my opinion and we have improved EVERY SINGLE ONE of our clients accounts because of this.

    Now, if only the would share some more information on exactly what is required for a high QS 😉

  • quality scores would have been a great way for evaluating an effective adwords campaign..