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Stanley Shilov is reporting the sighting of a new tabbed ad format for Adsense. The ads have three tabs for searches, web pages, and videos.

Screenshot #1
Screenshot #2
Screenshot #3

The ads are different in two distinct ways:

* They are tabbed. The three tabs deliver different content, titled Searches, Web Pages, and Videos.
* Two of the tabs have links that lead to Google search results and to Google’s Videos page, as opposed to the standard contextual ads that lead straight to the advertiser’s page.

From the looks of the ads, they may be a replacement for the default charity ads shown when Google decides it has no relevant paid advertisements available to show. As these don’t seem to be PPC links the question becomes, will Google pay for these clicks?

If anyone else has seen these ads I would love to see some screens shots showing the ads on an actual page and not the ads just on their own.

  • Interesting. I can’t imagine folks tabbing through an advertisement… but I’ve been wrong plenty before!

  • A site like might benefit from this type of adsense unit. Darren positions his adsense so that it looks like a navigation menu already.

  • I haven’t had much luck with google adsense. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Im not sure why but maybe this new program would be better.

  • I thought these are Google Related Links ? (notice the Powered by Google link in the screenshots)

  • Yea, those are not AdSense ads.

    They are Google Relates Links.


    They are free and not paid for.

  • Good catch. Who says Google has too many projects to keep track of…

  • Jeremy,

    Not me… 😉

  • ermm , then its not money making ads 🙁

  • It would be helpful if the links in your post opened in a new window. I’ve had the spam protection telling me 8+5!=12 and I think it’s because I had to hit back after clicking a link 😉

  • Tim – I think it’s because of the WP Cache plugin I use to help load the site faster. I’ve tweaked the settings a little, so hopefully that should prevent this from happening again.

    It’s not the math comment plugin, I guess it’s just caching the old sum on the page, while loading a new one from the database.

  • Ah that would make sense. 😉