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It appears Google’s finally starting to realize that if YouTube is to continue its success, they need to figure out how to protect copyright holders from video piracy.

I’m guessing losing big deals to your rivals and watching others being proactive on copyright protection, finally got Google’s attention, but apparently only just recently.

“We just reviewed that (issue) about an hour ago,” Schmidt told Reuters when asked what Google was doing to make anti-piracy technologies widely available to video owners. “It is going to roll out very soon … It is not far away.”

No timeframe for rollout was given by Schmidt – shocker! – but whatever they introduce will be available to all copyright holders, not just the big guys who make licensing deals with Google.

Via Mashable.

  • rcjordan

    To quote IncrediBILL from a thread over at TW; “Did anyone think the first version of a ‘video Napster’ wouldn’t unravel as well?”

    I knew I was feeing the tingle of déjà vu will YouTube but couldn’t peg it as Napster-esque until his comment.

  • rcjordan

    huh? last sentence should read:

    I knew I was feeing the tingle of déjà vu but couldn’t peg it as Napster-esque until his comment.

  • Been hitting the scotch before noon again? 😉

  • rcjordan


    I have a good story about this one:

    Catch me at a conference for details. (The boys & I will be at Seattle. You going?)

  • We’ll see. How could a I resist with the lure of such an enticing story? 😉

  • While Youtube seems to be in a world of hurt due to copyright headaches, China’s video sites appear to be enjoying 100% immunity.

    When are the big media companies gonna take their complaints to them?

    I found full seasons of the following, on a youtube-clone site (

    Lost, Futurama, The Apprentice, Hustle, Ghost Whisperer, Prison Break, Joey, Heroes, and a ton more that would take forever to list.

    That’s nuts…

  • Actually, with all the major labels signing contracts to provide YouTube with content, this will soon be a mute point. Who cares if some twelve year old has Britney Spears music in the background of his video, when Britney’s videos are licensed to YouTube?