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There’s a reason for search marketers to smile today – Google has added backlink details to Webmaster Central.

Now, before everyone runs off and pops the top off a bottle of champagne, Matt Cutts would like you to know about a certain caveat to the new tool.

Do not assume just because you see a backlink that it’s carrying weight. I’m going to say that again: Do not assume just because you see a backlink that it’s carrying weight. Sometime in the next year, someone will say “But I saw an insert-link-fad-here backlink show up in Google’s backlink tool, so it must count. Right?” And then I’ll point them back here, where I say do not assume just because you see a backlink that it’s carrying weight.

That wascally wabbit! Just when we thought we were finally seeing all of our backlinks, Matt goes and spoils the fun. 🙂

So, question for Google, why in the world can’t we see ALL of our backlinks? We’re grown-ups, we can handle it. We promise, if we see something that we shouldn’t, we’ll close our eyes and pretend it was never there.

  • Hi Andy,
    I don’t really see your point here. Matt didn’t say that all the backlinks are not listed in this astonishing new tool, but that some of the links listed are not used by Google for any relevance computing by Google… so that backlinks that are recorded in Google database can be of no use at all… what I can easily imagine as some of my sites have an awful high level of backlink for a not so good positionning…
    At least, that’s what I undestand from my non-english-natural-speaker point of view… If I am wrong, well… I can only improve by reading those blogs 🙂

  • Actually according to SEL links to supplemental pages are not listed so you actually don’t get a list of all your links.

    I also see that if you have ROS links on another site such as a blog roll or another site in a network you have, it cuts off the number of links it shows from that site.

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  • I would just give it time; there’s already a *lot* more backlinks available now.

  • Francois, I probably should have included this quote from Matt…”The backlink tool doesn’t show 100% of the backlinks from Google yet, but I expect the number of links that are available to grow.”

    It was early. 😉

  • Andy, same from here… hi guess all the posts about this new backlink feature got too much words for my eyes so early yesterday morning…

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