Posted February 20, 2007 8:57 am by with 2 comments

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Google’s Larry Page finally helps marketers realize that it’s pretty futile to try and figure out the components of PageRank, when the inventor didn’t exactly have a plan when he created it. CNN reports from Page’s visit with the American Association for the Advancement of Science:

As a computer science graduate student 11 years ago at Stanford University, Page said he came up the with idea of “page rank” — weighing the relative importance of hyperlinks to improve the relevancy of Web searches — completely randomly.

Of course, he’s not actually saying that PageRank wasn’t given much thought, he’s actually trying to encourage other scientists to think more like entrepreneurs and look for ways to solve the world’s problems.

One of Page’s suggestions, some boffin needs to come up with a way to let computers drive cars.

Noting how 40,000 people die annually in U.S. auto accidents, Page proposed giving computers control over cars. While many people fear the loss of control, he said, “I am pretty sure if computers guided cars, a lot fewer people would die.”

Just so long as they don’t follow Google maps, otherwise commute times might get a whole lot longer!


  • pagerank is mathematically something like the expected value of visiting a special page by randomly walking through the internet graph. i think that’s the meaning for the term randomly.

  • I can’t wait to have a computer in cars that helps prevent accidents so that people will quit running into me!