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This is sad to read. It appears Anna Nicole Smith paid a lot of attention to the search results associated with her name.

“She always had a laptop and she Googled her name, and she would read these articles that spoke badly about her,” said the bodyguard, who goes by the name of Big Moe. “She was just, was sad about that.”

It’s amazing how, in just a few short years, the public perception of someone can be greatly influenced by what appears on the first page of Google.

  • She might have popped over to the image search, it may have made her feel a little better.

    All this concern about a stripper. (ok a rich 5’11” stacked blonde stripper/playmate who married a billionaire) A head case with obvious substance abuse issues. Our priorities are screwed up.

    Wonder how long before this post makes it on to the top results for the term “Anna Nichole Smith”.
    Very clever Andy 😉

  • Mike – she’s dead dude. A little more respect, maybe?

    If this post appears anywhere on the first page of Google for “Anna Nicole Smith”, I’ll remove her name from the title. There’s enough people looking to cash-in from her name as it is.

  • Media molds and defines perception. The internet is currently the world’s biggest free media and I guess no wonder that social figures and roles are reshaped by search engine results..

  • Of course you are right Andy. I should have phrased it differently. She was a stripper however, and a playmate but God will judge her in his own way and I should not.

    BTW, you are indexed quite nicely on Google Blog Search on this thread.

  • I thought for a minute about writing a post to ride the media hype but there’s so much stuff out there I can cash in on and generating traffic on someone’s death is not my cup of tea.

    I’m no better than Anna Nicole Smith. I don’t even know her as a person. And like they say, “judge and be judged.”

  • Halfdeck, I couldn’t agree more.

  • Mike – well, I guess the post is relevant to news items about Anna. If you see me on the first page of Google, for her name, let me know (I don’t want to be hypocritical by adding to the noise). 🙂

  • It’s amazing how a Google result can tarnish a brand. Google “It’s Just Lunch” — which is a dating service. A bunch of people have badmouthed the company online and it really seems to be taking a toll on their brand.

    Markets are conversations, indeed.

  • Whatever she was a little infant girl is left orpahned and is now the subject of more ugly debate. Whatever happened to protecting the innocent my heart breaks for her daughter.