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We should have suspected YouTube’s chances of signing a deal with Viacom were nil, when the cable company demanded more than 100,000 video clips be removed from the Google-owned video site.

Now comes news that Viacom is about to sign a distribution deal with the up-and-coming video site

Viacom will provide Joost hundreds of hours of licensed programming from Viacom cable networks such as MTV and Comedy Central as well as movies from Viacom-owned Paramount studios. Unlike YouTube which features short-length, relatively low quality clips, Joost plans to run full episodes with high-quality resolution, creating a ‘real TV experience online’ according to founder Janus Friis.

No confirmation on the terms of the deal, but expect Viacom to get as much as two thirds of the advertising revenue from their content.

  • Dave Davis

    I think this is great. Living outside the US, sometimes there are only certain ways we can watch our favorite TV shows and there is nothing worst than watching a full length episode at youtube quality.

    Been playing around a little with the Joost beta and it looks VERY promising. And if this deal goes ahead I think they will have something VERY special.

  • Mark Tomin

    YouTube is already paying enormous amounts for the bandwidth. How’s going to be profitable from advertising alone if the content they are going to offer is “full episodes with high-quality resolution”?
    And then again, how legal it is to distribute full length episodes?

  • Jason Schramm

    I tested Joost a bit, but I didn’t like how it took the entire screen. It doesn’t let you multi-task like YouTube does, though YouTube is extremely slow.

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  • Amalia Dragutzza

    joost is no longer availble. when visiting it it says that they are restructurating their ideas and stuff. i have found another great movie sharing site called that has movies and tv shows online for downloading or streaming for free.