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A recent UK survey of mobile phone users suggests that there may be no where near the amount of people using their cell phones for search, as believed.

Just 20% of UK subscribers actually search for content on the mobile internet, despite an industry perception that 89% do, according to research released today, from the Mobile Entertainment Forum and Ovum

What’s more, they’re not searching for restaurants, or directions. Just 2% conduct a search on a daily basis and those searching less frequently, search for ringtones and music downloads.

And remember, this is a UK survey. The Brits are ahead of their US cousins, when it comes to mobile phone adoption and technology. The stats hardly send a warm and fuzzy message to those looking for a broader adoption of mobile content.

  • Well, I think that this is because the cell phone it’s not to comfortable for searching or surfing on Internet, but remember that everything it’s aiming to mobility, some years ago nobody needs a cell phone, now I can leave my house without my phone, more than that, I must return to my house for it.

    Nowadays you can receive emails, and I’m sure, that in some next years everybody will be emailing by phone, well maybe not in some years, maybe will be in months. It’s about technology dependence.

    Big mainframes, next personal computers, then notebooks, then PADs (Pocket Pc) and now phones. There was a time when the tendency was to have small phones and every time the factories was concerned in develop smaller phones, but now that days ended, now you can see more cell phones bigger than few years ago. Why? Because now people buy a cell phone not because their size, they buy a phone because they can do more thing with it, like send emails, surf the web, agenda, messages, etc.

    Well, this is just my opinion and my point of view.

  • Mobile search is hot in Asia, where cell phones are treated like PDAs.

  • Dean

    First must come a critical mass of content and mass adoption, then, just like the wired internet a means to find and organize that data. You’ll know we’re there when people stop calling it their cellphone and start calling it their mobile device. It’s closer than you think 🙂

  • Oliver

    Its not really that surprising when an experience such as mobile search is such a relatively complex task (for most users) and results in such little gratification.

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