Posted February 28, 2007 11:31 pm by with 2 comments

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Paul Christ as Marketing Blog lists search engine marketing as the #2 concept that modern marketers need to know. It’s a pretty strong endorsement. From the post:

But I will say that if you are not thoroughly familiar with each of these topics then you owe it to yourself to learn. Soon! Pick up books, go to websites, attend seminars, enroll in courses. Whatever it takes learn these concepts as soon as you can. . . .

2. Search Engine Marketing Get with the program! If you are a marketer and still don’t know why this segment of Internet marketing is important then you have a problem. Search engines are the most important influence on marketing since television became a competitor to radio. You need to know how this is impacting your business.

Go ahead—pat yourself on the back.

  • It’s great that SEM is placed high on their list, but I’m very surprised that email marketing isn’t a contender. Even though email marketing is old school, it’s still considered the first step a marketer takes to take their “good” site to the next level. Sure, I agree SEO should be first to making a great site, but why lose a visitor forever after they visit your site once? It’s cheaper to retain a previous customer than it is to get a new one. Get your users to subscribe, manage your list properly, and watch the snowball grow!

  • SEM is deffinately a very under used resource in australia. It takes barley any work at all to rank for even the highest searched terms in AUS at the moment.