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MyBlogLog is certainly the talk of the blogosphere these days. Readers know that I’m a big fan of the service – even though I can’t wait for their move to faster servers – and the company continues to add new users every day.

Lee Odden had a chance to ask Scott Rafer a few questions. Not too much info – Scott’s a busy man – but we do learn that they have over 50k users and growing by 2% each day.

Meanwhile, Shoemoney, has a list of ten features he’d like to see added to the service. If they’re open to suggestions, here’s mine:

  1. I love that the MBL avatar is added to comments, but if a commenter is not a MBL member, I show a small question mark. Maybe let me control what is shown instead, or at least display an invite to the commenter, to join my community.
  2. Provide some way to add friends en masse. I know this opens up the potential for spam, but if someone has added me as their friend, I’d like a faster way to reciprocate. Right now, I have to do one at a time, confirm the relationship, then go back to my community, and start again. Too cumbersome!
  3. In the widget, give me the option to display the visitor’s last comment. If they’ve visited, and left a comment, show that below their MBL name.
  4. It might be cool to offer a Flickr-type badge that displays random avatars of people who are part of my community.
  5. Speak to Michael Jensen, he has a few good tools made already.

I’ll keep thinking. Anyone else have a feature request?

  • Andy … having some sort of Rank for the user would be nice. User can be ranked by their community count or by messages or any other contribution.

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  • Hey, how’d you get the MBL added to these comments? What blogging platform is this? Thanks!

  • By your numbers,
    1. Agreed on the custom image. It’s one of those things we want to get to.
    2. How about checkboxes so you can just approve more than once?
    3. It’s a good suggestion but our comment features need to be defined. They’ll be a few months out, unfortunately.
    4. Random widget. fun.