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Yahoo Not Deleting Advertiser Accounts, Claims Account Offline Due to Spam

UPDATE: We’ve finally heard back from Yahoo. They’re claiming Florian’s account was not “lost” but taken offline for spamming.

According to Yahoo’s Kristen Wareham, “In researching his specific situation, we have come to find that his account was taken offline for quality control reasons. Our customer team reached out to Florian to explain that it had nothing to do with our new advertiser system or import tool but rather due to the lack of quality with his keywords which were not tied to any content. This is standard procedure for handling advertisers who spam our system.”


Florian Reichling has had a very unpleasant experience with the new Yahoo Search Marketing platform. After using the bulk keyword submission option, Florian first found the account disabled…

Supposedly it is a known bug on the new Panama platform and a ticket had to be submitted to the tech group, who I was told would “get to this matter as soon as they can.” Great – here I am loosing out on a couple of thousand visitors per day and someone over at Yahoo needs to manually flip a switch to get my account back online.

Then Yahoo comes back and tells Florian that there is nothing they can do and the account is gone.

I was just told that my account cannot be brought back online and is lost – so be careful about using the bulk upload tool!

It’s hard to believe that an advertiser’s account can be permanently lost due to a glitch, but that’s what Florian is claiming. I sent an email to Yahoo, but I’ve not heard back from them. It’s one thing to have a few bugs in a new system, but unacceptable to completely lose your client’s account data.

Anyone else had their account lost due to a glitch in the new system?


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