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It appears Garett Rogers has gotten a little too excited about some recent domain name activity at Google. Rogers has learned of a number of domain names that were transferred to the search engine’s ownership, including:


Here’s what he has to say about the activity…

Now here comes the speculation.  Given this group of new domains, Google may be getting ready to provide a pay service for webmasters that will help in the quest to “get on Google”.  If this is indeed what is happening, the service would probably guarantee faster crawl/indexing speeds.

I love speculation as much as anyone, but I doubt Google would launch any new service with a hyphenated domain or a “.net”. My guess they acquired the domain names as part of an effort to police their trademark. Although, if they do launch the “Google Express”, I’ll take two roundtrip tickets to Miami please. 😉

  • Not really related to topic… but does anyone know if a company is attempting to build a platform that will essentially let an advertising manage their MSN, GOOGlE, and YAHOO PPC from one central location.

    I would definately be on board.

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  • Dan

    I think they are just protecting themselves. Like registering or so nobody else does.

  • I understand what you are saying, but I never suggested that they will use those domains directly. Google always registers domain names that correspond with either future or existing services to protect themselves.

    When Google launches “Google Express”, the domain it uses will almost certainly be Look at Google Calendar — was registered November 11, 2005 (it wasn’t launched until April 13, 2006). To this day, doesn’t point anywhere.

  • Hi Garett, thanks for stopping by.

    Dan, how do you know about my Cher “thing”? 😉

  • Andy,

    You have to be way off base here. If google offered a way to “pay” to get your website on Google faster the uproar would be so massive it would be shut off the same day.


  • I agree Ross. That suggestion was a quote from the original story. 🙂

  • I agree completely. As a huge publicly traded company, Google’s legal department has likely grown tremendously. They’re simply in the process of buying up (or winning, through domain name arbitration) any Google-related domain name that contains the word “google” (or any Google product name) in it. Now, what would be interesting is if Google acquired a domain name for a word that isn’t associated with any current Google product.

    Some domains have pointed to a likely Google Drive product, and I still see this product as very likely given its employee-only “Platypus” alpha, but most are just that – trademark protection. Some bloggers will do anything for the spotlight, thinking they’ve got the “scoop”.


  • How about assuming that Microsoft fall out of bed with Yahoo? Or should it be Yoogle?

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