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When Evan Williams bought back Odeo in October, it looked like the newly formed Obvious Corp, would keep growing the podcasting site. Since then Obvious’ other property, Twttr, has taken-off, so Williams has decided Odeo would be better off in someone else’s hands.

It seems likely Odeo is worth more to someone else than it is to us at this point, so we’re looking for a new home for it. We’ve been having some conversations with potential buyers, and this is our attempt to put the word out more widely in the most expeditious way (and without involving investment bankers and the like). If we don’t get any attractive offers, we’ll continue to run it.

Williams is open to cash or equity deals and is selling off, and all of the code etc.

While it certainly looks like a buyer would get a very popular site, with 684k+ unique visitors and 3 million page views, I wonder how much money the site is actually making. Here’s a clue from Williams…

It does not cost us much to run—in fact, AdSense covers the hosting…

It doesn’t exactly sound like you’d be buying anything that’s going to make you rich, but there’s no doubt Odeo has a good brand, and a strong following. With the right investor, it should at least pay for a mortgage on a condo in LA (maybe).

Via Pete.