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I’m in LA tonight, but unfortunately I’m not attending the Oscars (I fly from LAX to Sydney tomorrow), so I’ll watch it on TV along with everyone else.

In the meantime, Wordtracker has issued its list of Oscar winner predictions, based upon the most popular search queries.

Observations include (from the release):

•   Will Smith is streets ahead of everyone else in the nomination for leading actor, with almost 8,800 searches, twice as many as his nearest rival Leonardo DiCaprio.
•   Eddie Murphy and Mark Wahlberg with 2,670 and 2,659 respectively are neck and neck in the race for Actor in a support role.
•   The most popular in the nomination for actress in a leading role are Penelope Cruz with 10,359 and Kate Winslet at 9,077. However there is still a strong showing for Helen Mirren at 5,470.
•   Adriana Barraza, nominated for actress in a support role is the lowest of all the nominees with just 65 searches estimated for the last 24 hours. The leading contender is this category has almost a hundred times as many searches at 6,439.
•   And among the nominees for best picture, ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ takes the lead at 3,121 with ‘Babel’ in second place at 2,587.
Wordtracker Chief Technical Officer Mike Mindel said, “Our figures give a measure of the internet buzz around each nomination. That might well be something that the members of the academy react to, even subconsciously.”

We’ll have to wait and see how their predictions hold up.

UPDATE: Here are the big Oscar winners.

  • Looks like “buzz” doesn’t always win 🙂

    Maybe it would work better for the Golden Globes.

  • Using WordTracker might reveal some level of visibility (popularity), but it doesn’t say if it’s positive or negative. It’s doesn’t reveal if it’s recent or old news. Incidentally, I blogged about a presentation we had at our WaW with the fine folks (scientists) working on Swammer, a predictive analytics solution. I think they should make available more predictions such as the Oscars to get some visibility (they do it for elections in France).

  • Maybe Wordtracker should just stick to keyword research for SEM. 😉

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