Duplicate Content Problems Only For The Weak

Over the past year there have been many discussions about duplicate content and how it can affect a website. Both on and off site duplication has been discussed in great detail on forums such as WebmasterWorld & SearchEngineWatch. Even MarketingPilgrim has covered duplicate content for blogs.

It’s to the point that some people are almost obsessed with the issue and swear there are penalties associated with it. Google has 52,600 results for “duplicate content penalty” and WebmasterWorld has 6,160 threads discussing the subject.

So what happens when one article is hosted on many different sites? All the articles rank well if you have trusted domains according to Google. It seems illogical based on all the discussions but here’s a recent example I ran across.

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FAST, the Comeback Kid?

Remember the days when you actually checked your web site’s rankings on AllTheWeb.com? [cue flashback]

Well, the company that originally brought us AllTheWeb, FAST Search & Transfer, is back, and this time they want to help site owners offer their own paid search platform without the need to involve those pesky Google or Yahoo kids.

FAST will today unveil their new AdMomentum platform, designed to be a one-stop solution for publishers and networks looking to cut out the middle-men of search.

“It’s like a digital marketplace in a box,” said Sue Feldman, an IDC Research vice president who reviewed early versions of AdMomentum. “This gives Web sites an opportunity to become more independent and take more control over their revenue stream.”

Yahoo Switching to Panama Platform Today

Monday February 5th, 2007, will be a day that goes down in search engine history. At 3pm PST today, Yahoo will bring together 30 to 40 engineers and start migrating the old Overture pay-per-click platform over to the new “Panama” model. Its future success or failure will depend on how well the new platform is received.

Thousands of advertisers, and billions of dollars in ad spending, will be watched closely, as Yahoo finally moves from the pure “highest bidder wins” model, to the “bid plus quality” model. By making this switch, Yahoo hopes to increase the average revenue per click from 2.5/3 cents to something closer to Google’s 4.5/5 cents.

As successful switch could mean the difference between Yahoo’s road to a comeback, or instead, further languishing behind Google – and facing a strong challenge from Microsoft’s adCenter.

Google Planning PowerPoint Clone?

TechCrunch loves to post rumors and speculation. To their credit, they’re right at least half of the time – perhaps someone could do an actual study – so whenever they post a new rumor, you should at least take note.

The latest speculation suggests that Google may be preparing an online presentation tool – similar to Microsoft’s PowerPoint – named “Presently”.

It certainly makes sense when you consider the company already has a word and spreadsheet offering.

Top Google Execs Can Earn $1.5 Million Bonus for 2006

Reuters is reporting that Google’s board of directors approved a 2006 executive bonus worth up to $1.5 million.

The company said on Friday in a regulatory filing that a committee would determine how to allocate the bonuses, which are in addition to payments in the plan from October.

No confirmation on whether Brin and Page will partake in the bonus.

SEOmoz Gets New Look, Premium Content

Rand and the SEOmoz team have finally launched the new look for their web site. New features include:

  • YOUmoz – submit your own posts and the most popular are pushed to the main blog.
  • Premium Content – for $39 a month ($299 a year), get extra benefits, and access to new tools.

It’s a bold move by SEOmoz to start charging for premium content. I know Rand is committed to providing the same level of content to those that don’t join the premium service, but it will be interesting to see how many people find SEOmoz valuable enough to cough-up forty bucks a month.

SEOmoz has an incredible community, so if any site can successfully roll-out a paid membership option, it’s the mozzers.