Posted February 27, 2007 12:57 pm by with 5 comments

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A pingback from on yesterday’s post about YouTube infiltrating Google SERPs brought up an interesting point that I hadn’t considered.

What, you can’t read Norwegian? Okay, neither can I. But I’ll attempt to paraphrase:

Jordan McCollum from Marketing Pilgrim has an interesting post on how YouTube is beginning to creep up the SERPs. There’s some potential here—if your site is stuck in “Google’s Sandbox” you can generate a strategic video, optimize YouTube for on-site search [I think] and drive video traffic from YouTube to your site.

Now there’s one way to use YouTube to really help with your online marketing: but easier said than done. The “shoes” video apparently ranks because it’s a viral hit, and is probably most popular for its shock value and oddball humor. Can you imagine how it would change your perception of the brand if the video featured the words “”? (That’s an upscale women’s shoe brand, whose shoes may well cost $300 or more. Let’s get ‘em.)

Now, if your brand is irreverent and/or subversive, like, say, beer, then you might be able to successfully market yourself with a YouTube hit. And as I’m sure most of the beer companies already know, the easiest, cheapest, fastest and perhaps cleverest way to make your YouTube hit is to get your users to make it for you.

Best of all, just let it be a YouTube hit. That way, instead of paying your beloved users money, you can tell them that you won’t sue them, and that should be payment enough. 😉