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If you’ve been following Gareth Davies ECommerce Rocks video series, you’ll already know that he produces some fantastic stuff.

I recently worked with Gareth on a new video that has just launched. In it, I discuss recent developments with keyword suggestion tools and then discuss some basics of keyword research.

Now, I may be biased, but wouldn’t you agree this is one of the best produced SEO tutorial videos ever? (emphasis on the “produced”).

Enjoy and please share.

BTW, Gareth’s looking for more experts to join him on future videos and is also providing his video producing talents to clients, looking to “jazz-up” their content. Contact him, if you’re interested.

  • That was a great video Andy. Good Stuff.

    It sounded to me like the keyword research process was something that was done after the content was already written. Do you find that a lot of companies go about it this way instead of researching the keyword traffic first, then write the content accordingly?

  • Smart companies would research their content, before creating their site. Most don’t unfortunately.

  • That intro and the way he integrates the fly-ins, as well as the video with Andy (obviously done by Andy remotely) is VERY cool. Thanks for sharing the very cool video effects!

  • That is extremely cool. I’ve got to start producing on a Martian landscape or something. I did fancy the Space Invaders background, personally.

  • I hope I passed the spam protection test. I never was very good at math. I typed what is the best seo in google and you were on the first page. I like your advice and I hope my page rank will rise after I try a few of your recommende techniqeus. Kudos to you,
    Thanks again

  • I like what gareth says for beginners… It is a good beginning but there is sooo much more… you also want to go on to further steps and consider brand vs non-branded keywords and how they (thats what he meant when he talked about stages of keyword phrases / research base) – thats organic awareness stage vs. branded conversion search.

  • Hi,

    Very Good video!!!!

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