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OEDb has put together a list of 25 Web 2.0 search engines. I’m getting tired of the “Web 2.0” moniker – isn’t everything 2.0 these days? – anyway, it’s an interesting list of what I’ll call “niche” search engines.

Here’s a sample of the 25:

Via JBat.

  • Hi Andy,
    Feeling quite the same about this “Web 2.0” usage for everything and the rest… (does this sentence make any sense in English?) Yes, Web 2.0 is a way of presenting information to users and interacting with them… but some real and solid Web 1.0 sites and services are still runing and have some pretty good days to come in my own opinion… Not everything is Web 2.0 and not everything that works is necessarily Web 2.0…

    Just a word about one of the search engine listed in this Top25. Kartoo has nothing to do with “newcomers”. This search engine is existing in France since something like… hmmm… 7 years? Remember using it for finding related keywords or expressions back in 2000, and using its graphical interface to see which sites were linking to me about which subject… Nothing new here…

  • Give swicki a try. It’s a nice social search engine that allows the community to organize results.