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Read/WriteWeb continues to monitor the second tier of search engines. Last month, they published the top 100 alternative search engines. This month, they’ve updated the list for February, with 32 new additions.

The criteria to make the list:

1) The Search Engine should exhibit superiority to Google—not as a whole, but in just one particular area. . . . We are not arguing that any one of the 100 list members is a “Google killer”. Rather, that they should be matched against the appropriate corresponding part of Google. For example, TheFind is a shopping search engine and therefore should be compared to Google’s shopping search engine, Froogle. . . .

2) Secondly, what ultimately gets a particular search engine into the Top 100 (as opposed to the hundreds and hundreds of “also rans”) is my evaluation. It is a subjective, personal judgment from an SEO—not an independent, statistical measure.

At least he’s honest. He, by the way, is Charles S. Knight, SEO. (Is that like PhD or Esq.? I’m totally adding it to my monogram.)

He admits the original list might have been a bit lax in its definition of “search engine,” including, Digg, and Rollyo. These have been dropped this month. He’ll also be featuring a search engine of the month, extolling the virtues of one of the top 100.

See anything you like on the list?

  • I still get the best search results on Google. I’d like to use another ‘guy,’ but it just doesn’t seem to be happening. Interesting to see a list of that many search engines, though. Had no idea. Thank you.

  • I think Clusty has a great idea. I personally find Google to give irrelevant results at times. Clustering of search results definitely makes weeding through results a bit easier. I’d like to see that type of technology on other search engines.

  • Charles Knight

    Just Released – The Top 100 Alternative Search Engines, March 2007 Update on Read/WriteWeb; with a brand new Search Engine of the Month!

  • Google will continue to dominate the search engine market for the forseable future. They are the easiest to us, cleanest and continue to inovate faster than any other competitor.

  • Well theres always something new coming out. Remember when Yahoo were the top dog!