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Vodafone Customers Getting Google Maps for Mobile

One of the world’s largest mobile phone networks, Vodafone, has just announced a deal with Google that will see Google Maps integration for European mobile phone customers.

Google Maps for mobile, a downloadable java application, is expected to offer customers in selected markets easy-to-use maps and local listings, as well as local search and navigation capabilities. Customers will be able to enjoy unlimited use of Google Maps for mobile, subject to Vodafone data tariffs.

Ok, so it’s news. I’d assume that our readers would want to know about the deals Google is making, but is it really that big of a deal? It’s starting to feel overkill to keep posting every single deal that Google makes. There’s no financial details disclosed, so we don’t even know if this is a significant partnership or not.

What benefits do you see for either Google or Vodafone? Apart from the obvious – Google extending it’s audience reach and Vodafone bringing a new service to customers – why should we sit up and take notice?

  • Just Another Web Designer

    You’re right about the incessant dealmaking, particularly in Europe. Sky, the BBC, Vodafone … who next?

    I just wonder about Google’s growth strategy. Perhaps the objective is to back as many “new media” horses as it can?

  • Dom

    In wonder if tehse lind of deals will become less common now that Google has released the Android?

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