Posted February 9, 2007 10:00 am by with 4 comments

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Who’s interested in helping me with a little experiment?

As you know, we like to mix up our content with a little marketing news, a lot of opinion, and some unique articles. I read over 150 RSS feeds each day, and scour thousands of news items each week. Even with the help of Jeremy and Jordan, we can’t possibly cover every single item of interest (especially with such a broad focus as “marketing”), so I’d like your input.

Which news stories did we miss this week? I’d like to hear from you, dear reader, on any story that you thought we should have covered, but didn’t.

Leave the URL of the story in a comment – along with a brief explanation of why you think it’s worthy – and we’ll pull out the most interesting and place them in this post (along with a link back to your site).

So, what did we miss?

  • That’s a tough one, Andy. I utilize a feed reader as well and sometimes as I’m reading, I don’t actually pay attention to the source unless I find it interesting.

    Maybe one thing you might try is putting a distinguishing graphic in your feed? I’ll be able to track better that way.

    One other note: I like unique content. I tend to unsubscribe from feeds that simply regurgitate other news stories. I subscribe to you because your content is refreshing.

  • MP has already shown itself to be a leading specialist news source for SEO, and possibly second only to SEL – but a strong competitor. Hence why I’m reading. 🙂

    I think the one area I cover more on Platinax News that you don’t is the emergent tech side – IPTV, VoIP, free Wi-fi and similar. I cover these because they are all going to have a huge impact on how the internet is shaped in the long term.

    Relating it directly to search is the problem, though – you cover what’s immediately relevant, while I want to cover what’s coming and let people put the pieces together.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys.

    I’d like to think we have a wider topic than SEL, as we’re not just search focused, but not sure we could stretch it to technology news (unless is involved marketing). 😉

  • I’m going to blow my own horn on 2 stories that I think might be interesting to your reader.

    The first is regarding Clickbank requiring disclosure. It is much more significant that all the paid post bashing related to the ftc in past weeks.

    I also engineered an exclusive on coComment integration with Technorati. Only a smart marketer would realise the true benefit.

    Oh, and you will be pleased to know that if you search for “Wikipedia nofollow”, you don’t get the wikipedia entry for nofollow anymore, but the great wordpress plugin to automatically nofollow all links to Wikipedia

    I am not going to include a link, your comment spam detection might eat this comment.