Posted February 12, 2007 11:22 am by with 2 comments

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Ok, so unlike the Google/Vodafone announcement, news that Yahoo has signed some big name companies to deploy mobile ads to 18 countries, is significant.

Yahoo said it has signed up major advertisers including Hilton’s Embassy Suites, Infiniti, Intel Corp., Nissan, Pepsi & Co, Procter & Gamble Asia-Pacific and Singapore Airlines will be initial advertisers on Yahoo’s mobile advertising system.

While Google’s making deals to add maps to cell phones, Yahoo’s actually signing deals that will bring an immediate increase to the bottom line. Sure, you can argue that adding Google Maps to Vodafone, will bring greater exposure for Google and could lead to ads on those maps, but Yahoo’s deal will see immediate monetization of mobile content.

If I were a shareholder, I’d be more impressed with Yahoo’s efforts to expand mobile advertising in Europe and Asia, than Google’s map deal.

Anyone care to argue? 😉

  • I love Yahoo. They are the underdog in this search battle and who can’t love ’em for that? I think they are doing lots of things right and aren’t getting any love for it — this is just one example. I think another is their support for RightMedia. That said, I’d just be really curious to see how the mobile ads work and if the major advertisors stick around. In any case, three cheers for Yahoo!

  • It’s a difficult one with mobile search ads, because i think its the smaller local firms who have the most to gain rather than the bigger brand advertisers.