Posted February 28, 2007 2:04 pm by with 7 comments

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Yahoo has come through with it’s promise to release a no Yahoo directory meta tag much like the no ODP meta tag.

Many webmasters complained that the title and description given to organic search listings when a site was listed in the Yahoo directory affected click through ratios and rankings. Now they can opt out of Yahoo using the directory information.

The format for the meta tag is:




Yahoo noted that to make these changes effective there would be an index update. Full information is available on the Yahoo blog.

  • Finally! Maybe we’ll test it on here and see how it impacts Yahoo referral numbers.

  • You’ve got a small typo in there. The syntax should be (plural)

  • Sorry, the code I entered got ignored. By “plural” I meant that it’s “robots” rather than “robot”.

  • Thanks, fixed.

  • I think it would be great if you did some type of test on this one Andy!

    I have my suspicions that it should help, but I also think it depends on the term searched and how your Yahoo listing is formatted.

  • I have a site that I have already made the changes to. Before the update just made it was number 3. Now it’s number 9. We will see if it goes back up once Yahoo recognizes the new meta tag on the site and changes the listing in the serps.

  • Thanks i dont think il try it untill we get more information on as to if it helps or not.