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I’ve been working from home, mostly telecommuting, since my son was born a year ago. If, like me, you’re one of those SEMs who works from home, Read/WriteWeb has compiled a list of programs to create a complete virtual office, including giving presentations and collaborating with team members (presumably also working from their homes). In addition to the author’s (Alex Iskold’s) favorites, he offers several alternatives in each area.

The best things about working from home? Alex writes:

In addition, virtual companies consist of happier employees. These are people who do not need to spend time in traffic, people who save money on gas, people who conserve resources and, perhaps most significantly, people who spend more time with their family. So perhaps this simple, yet very profound, application of technology is the beginning of a new trend and the way we will mostly work and communicate in the future.

I like it. And the list looks like it features some good tools for anybody using a virtual office.

  • I would agree, except that working from home these past 2 years has made me a little desperate for human contact. I started working from Starbucks every other day for a month just to be around other people. It can be harder to make yourself get out and have a social life if you’re used to doing everything out of your home.

  • Wow, I’d definitely add Google Docs and Spreadsheets to this list. Google spreadsheets has become one of my main tools for collaborating on data-intensive stuff with others in real time.

  • I like seeing Basecamp up there, and I love Google Calendar. It is the program I had always been waiting for to manage my day.

  • I’m glad this virtual office is getting going after doing a 2 hour in 2 hour out of london for nearly two years I can certainly see the appeal.

    Now I have a nice half hour cycle along brighton beach, Not quite working in your dressing gown but can’t complain!

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  • Basecamp is great and we used it for a long time until we found Webcollab which is a free and easier to use and mange open soucre version. I love it.

  • Yeah. contact with other people is a big part of alot of peoples workday. However more time at home is great for family life.

  • Great link Jordan – Basecamp is excellent, there are also many free alternatives out there.

    Virtual Offices are definately becoming increasingly popular, for many people the thought of being able to work from home is great!