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Online Reputations a Big Trend in 2007

We’ve already seen an increase in news related to online reputation management in the last few days, and now Wired magazine lists it as one of the top trends for 2007.

Their excellent article “The See-Through CEO” looks at how businesses are becoming more transparent with their communications and how consumers are wielding a lot of influence over your online brand equity.

“Online is where reputations are made now,” says Leslie Gaines Ross, chief reputation strategist – yes, that’s her actual title – with the PR firm Weber Shandwick. She regularly speaks to companies that realize a single Google search determines more about how they’re perceived than a multimillion-dollar ad campaign. “It used to be that you’d look only at your reputation in newspapers and broadcast media, positive and negative. But now the blogosphere is equally powerful, and it has different rules. Public relations used to be about having stuff taken down, and you can’t do that with the Internet.”

Yet Another Reason to Do Online Video

Now that we’ve established that you can use the exact same commercial is more effective online than on TV, we should also point out how much more effective video is than static advertising, even online.

A DoubleClick (they’re for sale, folks!) study released this week that states that Internet users itneract more with video ad than they do image ads.

Here are the hard numbers:

Online video ads experience click-through rates ranging from 0.4 percent to 0.74 percent depending on the online video format. By comparison, the click-through rate for plain GIF or JPG image ads ranges between 0.1 and 0.2 percent, based on DoubleClick data.

The study’s conclusions include:

  • A healthy portion of exposed audiences interact with video ads (8%)

Some good stuff resources

iMedia Connection has two useful articles in as many days. I like to read their articles, but I seldom feel prompted to link to them. But these might be helpful. Check them out:

  • The Best Website Metrics Are…: If you don’t already know it, your website should be measurable. It should be giving you lots of beautiful data. (I love data. That’s why I love web analytics.) Even if you already have well established web analytics on your site, this article can helps you define which metrics you really need to be watching. And, while it’s very interesting, how many countries your visitors came from doesn’t make the list.

ICANN Rejects .xxx

Despite support from some adult sites and anti-porn activists, the ICM Registry’s proposal for a .xxx top-level domain was rejected by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers in a 9-5 vote. ICANN states that a .xxx TLD would be difficult to enforce worldwide as well as create “public policy concerns.”

From CNET:

“ICM’s response does not address (the ICANN Government Advisory Committee’s) concern for offensive content and similarly avoids the GAC’s concern for the protection of vulnerable members of the community,” ICANN stated in the meeting. “The board does not believe these public-policy concerns can be credibly resolved with the mechanisms proposed by the applicant.”

ICANN also noted that ICM’s proposal could raise significant compliance issues with law enforcement agencies around the globe, many of which have different laws governing pornography.

Free Guide to Paid Search in the UK

E-consultancy has published a free 12- page briefing on the Paid Search industry in the UK.

The document is packed full of useful information, including:

  • An overview of the UK market (including market valuation and trends)
  • A write-up of the key points emerging from the discussion
  • New statistics
  • Useful resources

Topics discussed included:

  • Yahoo!’s launch of Panama platform
  • Landing page optimization
  • Bid management technology
  • Quality of traffic on content networks
  • Budget allocation and resourcing

Hey, you can’t beat free!*

(*well you could if they paid you to read it, but they’re not, so go read it cos, it’s free, which means you don’t have to pay for it…, they’re not going to pay you to read it, so stop asking!)

AOL’s Will Manage Ads for YouTube Rival

We have some news and then a big ‘ole mess to bring to your attention.

First, the news. AOL has announced that it’s unit would manage advertising sold on the new online video site being built by NBC and News Corp.

Ok, now the mess.

  1. Google owns 5% of AOL, yet AOL is involved in what might be Google’s biggest video competitor.
  2. Will now exclude the management of video campaigns outside of this new venture? I’m sure Lightningcast will still want to work with video sites other than this new venture.
  3. What happened to News Corp’s Fox Interactive Media? They just acquired Strategic Data Corp to provide ads to MySpace, why didn’t they use the same outfit for the new video site?