Posted March 15, 2007 8:36 pm by with 3 comments

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There’s so much hype for Twitter, and against it, I can’t make up my mind whether to try the service or not. It seems like just another application designed to distract me during the day, without actually bringing me any value.

Anyway, should I decide to jump in, I’ll definitely follow closely the excellent “Newbie’s guide to Twitter” by Rafe Needleman.

Any readers using Twitter? If I joined, it would be good to know that I could find someone to actually “tweet” with.

Via Jeremiah.

  • I am a user and initially hated myself for being a user but now I find good use in it. I don’t use it as a social tool but as life hack describes it does have useful business application (especially if your are working in a VO). It’s also got a “stumble” effect – it’s easy, fun, accessible and reminds me of old aol chat rooms. Plus, it’s a quick and dirty way to say “btw – good discussion on [insert topic] over at [insert domain].”

    I also think it’s pretty neat b/c it’s building a social stream of consciousness. Which is what I generally like about the idea of micro-blogging.

  • Try it out Andy – I think that your interest in social media and marketing will make it a worthwhile tool to investigate. Since the Tweets are also being indexed by search engines, there may be added SEO benefits that you could weigh in on. Connect to Julian and I at & Hope to see you there!

  • I am testing it.

    I do know that a link from Robert Scoble in his Twitter feed brings in some visible traffic for a couple of hours, but there is no long term benefit as Twitter content isn’t easy to browse or categorise