Posted March 13, 2007 10:38 am by with 11 comments

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I bet you thought I couldn’t do it, didn’t you? Go eight days without blogging. Well, I did and now I’m back in the saddle, refreshed and ready to go.

Many thanks to Jeremy and Jordan for their efforts while I was away. Especially Jordan, who I’m sure you’ll agree did a fantastic job keeping up to date with the latest news, sharing her thoughts on corporate blogging and even winning kudos from Lisa Barone for her blogging skilz.

The good news is, you don’t have to worry about 80 blog posts from me today. Unless I see something from last week, that I feel needs extra comment, I’ll simply pick-up where Jordan left-off.

If you’ve emailed me over the past week or so, I’m hoping to get to you this week.

I won’t rouse your envy with lots of photos, but will share this one showing Barry Smyth’s gift of a bottle of champagne, was very much enjoyed. :-)

Champagne in Moorea

  • Brian Chappell

    Welcome back Andy. Hope you didn’t miss us too much 😉

  • Andy Beal

    Every single one of you! 😉

  • Barry Schwartz

    Welcome back!

  • Jordan McCollum

    Hurray! Welcome back! Believe me, no one is happier to see you back than am I!

  • Jeremy Luebke

    I don’t think Jordan knew what she was getting into. It’s not easy being Andy 😉

    Getting a post a day out of me was like pulling teeth with my schedule. I have no teeth left Andy. HELP!

    Welcome Back

  • Andy Beal

    Thanks Jeremy and Jordan – excellent work in keeping the blog updated!

  • Simon Heseltine

    Welcome back from your vacation, all refreshed and ready to be slowly dragged back down again 😉

  • Jordan McCollum

    Jeremy, you were a lifesaver. It’s a total disadvantage being in my time zone!

  • Jonix

    wekcine back andy, nice after the bootle view :)

  • lyndonmaxewell

    8 days is a nice long period for a break. 😀 Hope you are back with more writing inspiration, and roaring to get started!

  • Drew Stauffer

    Welcome back Andy. Vacation looks rough :)