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This has got to be the strangest of the second tier search engines ever. Okay, it’s not even second tier.

Most of us are familiar with Blingo or at least its premise: use Blingo to search, get entered to win a prize in a drawing held every few hours. Blingo prizes include movie tickets, iPods and more.

This new search engine offers a slightly different prize for searching. Before I go on, make sure you’re sitting down and not drinking anything.

How would you like to celebrate K-Fed’s birthday in his presence? Come on, I know you’re going to be throwing a party to commemorate the occasion anyway, with his CD blasting on your stereo and the one episode of CSI he was in on repeat play on your TiVo. But that is so lame in comparison to partying with him in LA (March 21) and Vegas (March 24) (apparently he’s so popular he needs two birthdays).

My favorite thing is the results. Look, ma:
all paid
No organic listings till below the fold!

SearchWithKevin is just one of the offerings from Prodege (pron. ‘protégé’). Powered by Yahoo search (they must be proud!), they also offer opportunities to search and win with other A-listers like Hinder (a band), A Change of Pace (another band), and Relapse (another band). Oh and some no names like Meat Loaf and Wynonna Judd 😉 .

Prizes range from show tickets to swag to entries into the sweepstakes win the opportunity to party with Kevin. You win by performing the first search after the randomly preselected times every day. Good luck.

Via Robin Leach. Yeah, really.