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Over at Tom Schmitz asked a few search marketers to reveal some the alternative ways they discover news and tips.

Asking bloggers to share their tips, is a great way to put together a post that will attract others, and Tom does well to get feedback from Danny Sullivan, Rand Fishkin, Neil Patel, Todd Malicoat, Barry Schwartz and myself.

Here’s a couple that I shared…

  • I monitor the job classifieds sites to understand who’s hiring. This often gives good clues about new products or services and works well with large companies such as Google.
  • I also track a lot of industry keywords in different search engines. For example, if Technorati finds a new blog post that matches the phrase “search engine”, I’ll know about it.

How do you find your news, outside of blogs?

  • I like Google Alerts and CNN Breaking News for monitoring competitors and staying up on current events (outside the internet marketing world). I am still a big fan of email so i prefer to scan emails rather than RSS feeds in a reader.

  • I like to use forums and blog comments to find tips and news for posts. I check on experts comments on specific fields.

  • I set up RSS feeds on Google News, Serph, Digg etc for all my keywords and view it all in Netvibes.

  • I use google alers and the rss feeds from google news. I’m also trying to use yahoo pipes to do a better job on that.

  • mad4, try yahoo pipes, you can make one only source of all that rss feeds with yahoo pipes.