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In the world of Internet marketing blogs the noise to quality content ratio is turned up way to high. One look at the almost 400 marketing blogs listed by shows one of the reasons why. There just isn’t enough news or original ideas to make even a minority of them unique.

Every once in awhile though I come across a site or blog that is one of a kind. A place where you find the type of unique content that makes you remember there is always something new to learn. For me, there are two such sites that stand out in the crowd.

OneBoxer is the work of Brian Mark. He discusses from experience how to get your products listed in the Google One Box. At this point in the game it’s easy pickings if you follow his advice and there are loads of cash to be made.

Blue Hat SEO
Blue Hat SEO deals with more creative forms of SEO and Internet marketing. Eli is not a prolific poster, but everything that comes out of BHS is a gem. Posts like Power Indexing and Link Laundering Sites.

Do yourself a favor, if you haven’t been following both of these sites, go back and read the archives. You’ll thank me in the morning.

  • Thanks for pointing them out. Added them to my reader 🙂

  • I’ve narrowed the toprank list down to around 150 feeds… which is still a lot, yet I have difficulty purging further…as some of the remaining are excellent (I wonder what *else* they do besides blog sometimes!)

    What really kicks me is that some of the blogs everyone talks about are abysmal. Some with huge subscriber bases post rubbish, if anything. Something sure has worked for them.

    I think many simply seek crawlable permalinks to relevant content on their domain. They’re pretty easy to spot, especially if you set your reader up to hold onto a couple weeks’ post for each and skim them….I wonder how many people subscribe to their own blogs and look at their posts in context?

    Anyhow, my list just grew by two. Thanks.

  • Didn’t hear of OneBox… thanks!

    I love Blue Hat SEO. 🙂

  • Blue Hat SEO is an incredible resource. The guy talks about things most SEO’s wouldnt touch with a 10 ft. pole.

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  • look good
    Iam new to SEo

  • Iam new to sEO thanks