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You’ve got to give them credit for trying: CBS does kind of seem to be getting the new media. For more than a year they’ve been making deals with Google Video, YouTube, and CSTV. in addition to their own streaming channel. And now they’re going mobile.

MediaPost blogs about the new deal to provide popular shows on mobile phones. CBS has signed deals with several providers, including Cingular and Verizon. Their most recent deal, with Sprint, is the first to include preroll ads for their shows and clips.

Aside from the convience of watching the shows that you weren’t going to watch anyway or the evening news whenever you want (what, a week after it airs so it’s already out of date?), what are the advantages of mobile TV? I certainly don’t want to watch TV on a 2″ x 2″ screen while paying by the kilobyte—and that’s even without preroll ads. (Though, like Wendy on MediaPost points out, early adopters will be all over it.)

As intriguing as mobile media and marketing is, we still haven’t found a good, widespread implementation of a mobile marketing strategy that consumers like or will at least accept on a broad basis.

  • I signed up for MobiTV last year – – and cancelled after just a couple of weeks. While it’s a romantic idea to watch TV on your cell, it doesn’t really work in practice.

  • I think it was CBS that had the really great live streaming video of the NCAA basketball tournament last year, too. I watched a few games online. That would be some good TV on a phone.

  • That’s right Andy.

    It goes right against vertical thinking. Why change your 14″ TV for 21″, then your 21″ for a 29″. Later you go to a 40″ and more, wide-screen, HDTV, all the bells and whistles…

    …only to end up watching TV on a 2″ screen on a device that you bought so you could check if your wife wants you to buy some frozen peas on the way home?

    No, it doesn’t make sense to me.