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Tweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedInShare on Google+Share on FacebookBuffer this page, has extracts from a WSJ article suggesting cable company Comcast is unhappy with the amount of revenue generated via their deal with Google, and may turn to Microsoft.

Comcast thinks it should get a larger search ad rev share, and is also is unhappy about other terms of the deal. The company gets about $70 million in shared revenues through the Google deal, but wants $100 million…

This will be interesting to watch. If Comcast renews with Google this year, it would send a signal to Google’s other partners that the world’s largest search engine is willing to negotiate a better deal for its partners.


  • Owen

    I think it would be dangerous for Google to give in to this sort of pressure, as it sends the message that it’s flexible on advertising deals. Still, an account that size must have some sort of leverage on Google. Will be fun to watch

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  • Nope

    Screw google. Period.

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