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DoubleClick For Sale, Again?

It’s been just under two years since internet advertising powerhouse, DoubleClick, was bought for $1.1 billion. Now, according to the WSJ (sub), it’s once again looking for a new suitor.

The New York-based company is using investment bank Morgan Stanley to help sound out its options, these people said, including a possible stock-market listing. The company is majority-owned by San Francisco private-equity firm Hellman & Friedman, which since purchasing DoubleClick in 2005 for approximately $1.1 billion, has sold off a number of divisions and reshaped the business. Hellman is seeking at least $2 billion for DoubleClick, said one person…

Microsoft is among those the company is in “active talks” with.

Hat-tip E-consultancy.

  • Jay Sears

    No surprise Hellman & Friedman is flipping their investment. Can’t yet say this is a win for Microsoft, but this is a loss for Google. Talk about the world’s largest plug-in to third party served display and rich media ads (290 billion impressions/month) and I’d say Google finally missed one.

    My February rant here:

  • Jonix

    If microsoft is on the road, well they could be the winner. But what about google? Aren’t they on the road too for that acquisition?