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Facebook Best Used for Evaluating "Hotties" or Roman Art?

Andy Kessler has republished his WSJ interview with 22-year old Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

If you need a refresher on Facebook, it’s a good article to read. Of interest? Two uses of Facebook, that appear to be polar opposites.

Exhibit A

I watched a 23-year-old family friend, PK, solicit expert opinions gathered around his laptop asking which of the “hotties” he was connected to on Facebook he should pursue.

Exhibit B

“For the final exam, we had to learn the historical significance of something like 500 pieces of art from that period.”…Zuckerberg went to the course Web site, downloaded all the images and made a new site with a page for each image, along with a box to add comments. Then he forwarded the site’s link to the class list. Within an hour or two, a bunch of his classmates visited the site and filled out all the information about the photos…eventually getting an A in the class.

While I know which research I would rather have conducted in college, I know in reality I would have been staring at a lot of Roman art. ;-)