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I’ve launched a number of new sites lately in an effort to test different theories. Most but not all of them have been based on WordPress as I can launch a new site with a few pages of content within an hour.

With these site launches I have noticed some interesting patterns. All of them which I set to ping Google blog search were spidered within minutes and the site was in their index within days. On the sites which I did not ping Google, the sites took weeks to get indexed, even when I pointed strong links towards them.

WebmasterWorld has a thread where some people are noticing similar patterns on more established sites. They claim to have posts from established blogs in the index within hours, not days.

The only negative side affect I can find has to do with supplemental results. These where brand new sites, most with only a single link from a forum post. So even though the sites where indexed at warp speed, within a week many of the pages went supplemental. This probably won’t be a problem for established sites or sites that actively link build from the start.

This could even be adapted for non blog content. I believe most CMS software has some form of ping system addon these days. If not, you could always have it added yourself.

  • I guess I’ll have to add it to my list of pinging services. Though I’m not sure if they have been working correctly lately.

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  • Um, the WMW thread is a private one.

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  • I do this through Google Sitemaps using a Sitemap generator plugin with WordPress. I’ve seen posts get indexed in less than a minute.

  • Edd

    Good you mentioned it. I’ve noticed this index by ping before, but I’ve been afraid of doing it with real or different sites, there are too many sites you don’t want to be flagged by google as “blogs”… am I right?

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  • Found this post when trying to work out what has happened to my newish wordpress blog in the last few days. No links/PR yet but some decent organic search results for posts.

    I am only using the rpc.pingomatic feed so far but one new post was returning #1 Serps within hours. Soon after that the site traffic goes along with any Serps and everythings is supplemental. ( I think. Who can tell , anyway? )

  • Very cool idea. I gonna set up a ping for my iphone site now!