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If you thought Howard Dean’s efforts to rally online supporters was impressive, wait until you see what the 2008 candidates have in store for us.

According to the Washington Post, the amount spent on online political advertising has grown at a phenomenal rate.

Online political advertising…has steadily increased in the past five years, according to the marketing firm PQ Media. It was $5 million in 2002. It totaled $29 million three years ago. Last year it was $40 million.

And, if your ad agency has any interest, it looks like the political campaigns have money to burn. Look at this crazy idea…

Scott Randall, president of BrandGames in New York, is trying to get campaigns interested in creating video games around candidates in the same way his company makes them for other products. “Candidates are brands and the power of video games, like a brand mascot, is to create an emotional connection with the brand,” he said, though he had not managed to persuade any campaigns at the conference.

Oh, cool! Maybe we could have political death-match game where Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton square-off in a ring. Fight! Fight! Fight!