Posted March 3, 2007 1:23 am by with 8 comments

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Australia’s Search Summit has wrapped up – you can see some photos here – and overall I think it was a success.

Barry Smyth did a fantastic job in putting the event together and, apart from a few hiccups, the show went very well. It was certainly interesting to see the state of Australian SEM, and the enthusiasm of those practicing SEM in Australia.

The final session of the day involved Google’s Adam Lasnik talking about ways to disconnect from the “always on” life (email, cell phones, blackberries etc) and the importance of making time of the real world.

His message come at a great time as I’m about to disconnect from the modern world until March 13th – no cell, no email and, gasp, no blogging!

Hopefully I won’t get the shakes and will be able to make it thru without falling off the wagon.

Jordan and Jeremy are doing a great job keeping everyone updated on the world of internet marketing, so I know you’ll be in safe hands.

Catch you later, mate!

  • Andy Beard

    I assume you are not going to be navigating using Google Maps or a GPS 😉

  • Tyler Banfield

    Good luck, hope your withdrawals aren’t too severe 😉

  • Kalena Jordan

    Enjoy the time off Andy – hope you and yours have a wonderful break. Was great to meet you finally!

  • Jeremy Luebke

    Enjoy it while you can. The BEST vacation I have EVER had was in Cozumel. The place had no phone, no internet, and NO CLOCK.

    To get up and not know what time it was and not care what time it was was the best feeling ever.

  • shor

    Enjoy yourself :) I know I would. Good to meet you at Search Summit!

  • Simon Heseltine

    The only real bad thing is when the thought pops into your head, sometime near the end of the holiday, that you’re going to have to spend time combing through the several hundred emails waiting for you when you get back…

  • Drew Stauffer

    As long as you don’t come back and write 80 posts for me to read the first day you return, I’m ok with you taking a vacation :)

  • Barry Smyth

    Thanks for coming Andy, have a great time in Tahiti & we look forward to having you back next time. Cheers Barry