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Google, Tragedy ComedyLast week, it was Yahoo slamming Google on usability (though you can decide for yourself if that wasn’t the pot calling the kettle black). This week, Microsoft attacks Google on copyright, basically accusing the search giant of providing no additional value or innovation, enabling video pirates and stealing book content.

Is it just me, or is this starting to sound a little like the FastCompany debate last week? I thought Danny did a good job defending Google there, and I think he does a good job defending them (or refuting Microsoft’s points) this time, too. See also The New York Times and Techmeme.

In other news, the blogosphere is abuzz with Google phone rumors. C|net and SEL reference Simeon Simeonov, who references an Engadget post from January for a leaked photo of the “Google Switch” phone. Looks a bit like the iPhone (unsurprisingly). Lots of specs (both specifications and speculations) all ‘round.

Finally, Google execs keep their $1 salaries, preferring instead to live off millions from stock. Go figure. SEL does give an interesting analysis of the incomes of several top search execs at Yahoo and Google (and I can’t go a paragraph without linking to them).

  • Emily

    I don’t think I would call this a “down” for Google. Just because MIcrosoft is lashing out, doesn’t mean the person they are aiming for deserves it. They are just trying to deflect all the negative comments bloggers have been making (such as this one). It’s just a desperate ploy.

    – Emily