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Google has announced the acquisition of Gapminder’s Trendalyzer technology, which takes any information, stats, figures or facts and provides a graphical representation.

Here’s an excerpt from Google’s Marrisa Mayer’s blog post

…we are excited to announce that we have acquired Gapminder’s Trendalyzer software, and we welcome the Trendalyzer team to Google. Trendalyzer generates moving graphics and other novel effects in the display of facts, figures, and statistics in presentations. In its nimble hands, Trendalyzer views development data—such as regional income distribution or trends in global health—as literally a world of opportunity. Like Google, Gapminder strives to make information more useful, and Trendalyzer will improve any function or application in which data might be better visualized.

Here’s an official Google example of Trendalyzer in use. As you can see, it offers some fancy graphing and manipulation of data using Flash.

No news on how Trendalyzer will be used, but my guess is that we’ll likely see it used in future versions of Google Analytics – and maybe AdWords.

  • WOW,

    Amazing. I’ve had the oppurtunity to test a number of Google Adwords beta opportunities over the last few months (seeing them makes me really see that Panama and Adcenter have a tough road to travel – side rant: can we get an Adwords like editor for either of those platforms? – if they even want to be at the level that Google is about to be at – and AJAX won’t help.) However one thing I’ve suggested after testing some of the Beta tools is the ability to add trending data to the numbers that advertisers are presented. This seals it. Google’s got a winner on their hands in the PPC world.

  • Actually.. it looks pretty cool. It would be nice to see google try and implement that with analytics or adwords.

  • Andy thanks for the heads up on this and Marrisa’s blog. Everyday weekender. That is a ridiculous bloglog picture/avatar.

  • Brian…. by ridiculous do you mean good ridiculous or bad ridiculous 😉

    its sometimes hard to tell sarcasm from criticism

  • Interesting news. I would definitely like to watch how Google optimize this with their current business model

  • Amazing graphics on the Trandalyzer example. It will be interesting to see what Google will do with this new acquisition. I’m betting they will come up with some great stuff. It would sure make looking at Google analytics more interesting. Everyday Weekender – I would say your bloglog picture/avatar is interestingly ridiculous!

  • StatMan – well at least it was interesting 😉

    I guess that’s the positive out of that

  • EW,
    I guess I meant the traditional version of ridiculous.

    “Deserving or inspiring ridicule; absurd, preposterous, or silly. See synonyms at foolish.”

    I think you could come up with something better that describes what you/your site is all about. Maybe a tiny calendar where all of the weekdays are chopped off or something…

    BTW nice blue cheese stick recipe.