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Google Acquires Gapminder’s Graphical Trending Technology

Google has announced the acquisition of Gapminder’s Trendalyzer technology, which takes any information, stats, figures or facts and provides a graphical representation.

Here’s an excerpt from Google’s Marrisa Mayer’s blog post

…we are excited to announce that we have acquired Gapminder’s Trendalyzer software, and we welcome the Trendalyzer team to Google. Trendalyzer generates moving graphics and other novel effects in the display of facts, figures, and statistics in presentations. In its nimble hands, Trendalyzer views development data—such as regional income distribution or trends in global health—as literally a world of opportunity. Like Google, Gapminder strives to make information more useful, and Trendalyzer will improve any function or application in which data might be better visualized.

Here’s an official Google example of Trendalyzer in use. As you can see, it offers some fancy graphing and manipulation of data using Flash.

No news on how Trendalyzer will be used, but my guess is that we’ll likely see it used in future versions of Google Analytics – and maybe AdWords.