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After Google Answers closed back in December, the answerers aimlessly wandered the Internet, hoping to charge people to answer their questions once more. Finally, they reconvened in English, Spanish and German at Now in beta, uclue touts itself as a paid research service. From their FAQ:

uclue is a professional, fast, and inexpensive research service. . . .

Post a question, and set the fee that you are willing to pay for an answer.

The team of uclue researchers will look it over, and one of them will likely ‘lock’ it, and get to work on an answer. If a researcher needs more information, or if the fee isn’t quite right for the amount of work involved, the researcher will post a Clarification Request, and you will be notified by email that your input is being sought.

The minimum price for an answer is $5, however, there is no fee for listing a question.

How does it compare to Google Answers? Of course, that was one of the first questions asked (and the asker was willing to pay $50 for the answer).

I say Google Answers is “Frankensteined” because they’ve resurrected something that was dead, piecing it together themselves. Hopefully it won’t turn around and kill uclue’s researchers.

TechCrunch and Google Blogoscoped each have a review.