Posted March 17, 2007 1:12 pm by with 2 comments

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Last month we reported Google had acquired video game ad firm, Adscape. A post on the Official Google Blog confirms the company is now a Google property.

Bernie Stolar – the “Dean of Games” for Google – explains the motivation for the purchase.

…developing these sophisticated games can be very expensive. Back in the 80s the cost of producing a single game was about $100K. Today it can cost $25M to produce a game. The good news is there are some very passionate gamers out there that have come up with some interesting new ways to introduce non-intrusive and targeted advertising in order to make gaming accessible and affordable for all.

  • Seems like we’ll be seeing lots more in-game advertising with something like this.

  • I can’t imagine playing games half-way and you get an advert floating across the screen in front of you. Or something along that line.