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There have been some funky things going on with the site: command at Google lately. Last month the “Results 1 – 1 of about 260 from” started popping up for many sites across the web. Some speculated this was due to increased duplicate content filter settings but I personally believe it’s a bug. Now I just noticed something new.

Doing a site command search for Snowboarding Land returns the exact same URL twice. See the screenshot below.

ScreenHunter_07 Mar. 02 11.17

With most sites I would have never noticed such an occurrence because they are too large but since this site is has only a handful pages these listings jumped off the page at me. Doing an allintitle search for that page title returns only one result. That is what leads me to believe this is a site command bug.

I also noticed the caches are different. The smaller file listing was from an earlier date and the larger one is newer. There are differences in the two pages that are cached but not by much. If nothing else, this tells me Google stores more than one version of a pages cache. Anyone care to take bets on whether they keep all versions forever?

Can anyone else duplicate this on another site?

Disclaimer: I am associated with the site in question.

Update: Turns out the filenames where different by a single dash and WordPress was redirecting the old version to new version. So no bug beyond the 1-2 of 260 mentioned in the first paragraph. Sorry for the confusion.

  • hi,

    This is probably the same problem as discussed in this article:

  • Actually they mentioned this post on SEL that you are linking to, but they are exclusively talking about the 260 listing I mention in the opening paragraph.

    This post is actually supposed to be about a different bug I found. Google listing the same URL twice on the same page of site command results.

  • Notice that the file sizes are different? Probably a bug between caching servers.

  • Jordan McCollum

    My husband caught this: the file names are different, too. The first one is snowboarding, the second is snow-boarding. (I knew there was a reason I married him.) The hyphenated version redirects automatically to the unhyphenated version.

  • Kev

    I’m only getting one listing displayed, perhaps the redirect is a recent change and Google have just reindexed this.

  • Doh, wow can’t believe I missed that. The redirect is what threw me off.

  • I think Google is still conducting duplicate filter and results dance every week. Does anyone really know what happens?