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We’ve already reported that online marketing campaigns will be an important element of the 2008 election – not surprising, considering the growth in online spending by politicians.

Now comes news that Google is quite happy to get in front of political consultants and convince them that they need to spend their campaign coffers on AdWords. Google was a major sponsor at a recent conference for political consultants and internet activists, and it went all out to win their business.

Google signs were everywhere during the two-day event this month. A Google Lounge with lava lamps and rock music offered attendees free use of half a dozen Web-connected laptops. Schrage delivered the keynote address. And at its seminar for consultants, “Making the Most of Google in 2008,” the company offered, next to the free travel coffee mugs, copies of a two-page “Google Product Guide for Politics.”

And it looks like they bought it!

The consultants scribbled notes as they sipped coffee, then peppered the Google employees with questions, seeking details such as the average length of videos on YouTube and the length of the approval process to buy ads on search results.

So, if you think you can avoid the political BS, during the run-up to the elections, by hiding online, you’re in for a shock.