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Google Tests: Search Counts, TV Ads

VentureBeat spreads the rumor: Google is fishing for a deal with Dish Networks. If these rumores prove true, Google is seeking to provide commercials for Dish’s programming. Also this weekend, Google was spotted testing its TV ads in Concord, CA programming according to Wall Street Journal reports (subscription only; see SEL for highlights).

The current test runs just as the future deal with Dish Networks would, apparently, with Google as the middleman brokering the ad deals. Google may also help advertisers, like its beta radio advertising services include some tools and voice professionals (TechCrunch). We’ll have to see if Dish Networks wants doesn’t want to deal with advertisers anymore.

Another Google test I overlooked last week: adamap reports (via Threadwatch) on some search volumes being reported in AdWords. No, not just the green bars—numbers. I heart numbers, so that’s pretty exciting for me.