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Google probably couldn’t have asked for a better ruling in the ongoing KinderStart law suit.

Not only did the judge throw out KinderStart’s most recent attempt to accuse Google of defamation – by reducing its PageRanl to zero – but the judge decided to give Google every opportunity to get some payback.

Judge Jeremy Fogel of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California dismissed a lawsuit against Google by parenting information site KinderStart…[he] also imposed yet-to-be-determined sanctions on KinderStart legal counsel Gregory Yu for making unsupported allegations against Google.

According to the judge’s ruling, “KinderStart had failed to explain how Google caused injury to it by a provably false statement … as distinguished from an unfavorable opinion about’s importance.”

KinderStart’s legal counsel is probably looking for a change of diapers about now (sorry couldn’t resist the parenting pun)…

“While Yu has brought a novel challenge to a major corporation, it is apparent that to some extent he has overreached in doing so,” Fogel said. “Yu had a professional responsibility to refrain from filing such allegations if he did not have appropriate supporting evidence.”

The judge granted Google the right to seek attorneys fees for the costs of defending against these specific charges. Both sides have 14 days to file motions before the judge determines monetary damages against Yu.

Let’s hope this not only brings this sorry saga to an end, but sends a warning to other companies, looking to file frivolous claims against Google.

Hat-tip Tamar.

  • Aaron

    I’m a bit bummed about it, actually.

    I was hoping to use a Kinderstart victory as a precedent to get top Google rankings for my sites for every conceivable search term. And as I have more than one site, I was anticipating being able to recover damages when Google failed to place all of my sites in the #1 spot for every search term.

    What am I supposed to do now? Create a good site with compelling content?

  • LMAO

  • Thanks for the link, Andy. 🙂