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Forbes believes the easiest way to discover Google new product initiatives is to browse among the many job listings the company advertises. While the company may keep quiet on new product ideas, it still has to hire the right people for the job, and that involves posting a few juicy details that could reveal new innovations.

A year ago, human resources consultant John Sullivan asked one of his employees to cruise through Google’s job listings before Sullivan paid a call on the company…Based on the company’s “help wanted” ads, Google seemed to be working on a set of programs that would compete with Microsoft’s Office suite. “You’re nuts,” Sullivan recalls telling his employee. “They don’t do that–that’s not sexy.” Lo and behold, last October, Google launched its would-be Office killer: Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

That certainly explains why I keep seeing Google job listings for Columba Intelligens. 😉

  • I wonder if they get up to the old trick that’s loved by a few UK firms where they advertise phantom jobs to show their competitors that they are growing when they aren’t actually recruiting…

  • *chuckle* .. that’s a good premise, and I can see where it’s come from. Today’s employees are tomorrow’s products huh?

  • Kelvin – they should advertise positions for operating system designs and engineers. That should get MSFTs attention.

  • Andy- think of the share price… not that I could ever afford GOOG stock!

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