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iCrossing Acquires Analytics Firm

iCrossing logoiCrossing announced yesterday that they would acquire Sharp Analytics, a Salt Lake City-based web analytics company, the latest in its string of acquisitions.

iCrossing already has “analytics and performance insight teams” that they will merge with Sharp Analytics’ personnel. Sharp will retain its brand identity. In fact, Sharp Analytics’ website copyright line already says they’re “a division of iCrossing.”

That’s a tough move to make, but since Sharp Analytics is already well established as a company and brand (and their trademarked platform is SharpView™), it would be even tougher to try to change now. It’s difficult to maintain continuity in a “blended” company, especially if more than one person from your team deals with each customer.

However, I’m sure iCrossing has learned a thing or two about how to own an SEO firm other companies.

  • Richard Srery

    iCrosing has reportedly let go upwards of 70 people in less than two days. Now that is serious fat trimming. Soon the Chicago office will be not iCrossing but really Apparently Don Scales is slowly turning iCrossing into 2.0. A lot of really good people lost in this round of firings. I wonder if Don and Herzog get a raise???

  • jane

    Don Scales is not to be trusted. He is a poor leader and will run icrossing into the ground.