Posted March 14, 2007 10:34 am by with 1 comment

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Microsoft’s Windows Live toolbar just received a new lease of life with news that computer manufacturer Lenovo will pre-install it on all new desktops and notebooks.

The agreement will set Microsoft’s customisable news, information and search engine site as the default homepage for Lenovo PC users, and add a Windows toolbar inside the PC’s Internet Explorer browser…The settings are not cast in stone, as users can change them, but the majority of people are expected to stick with the default settings.

Lenovo had previously used Google for their pre-installed toolbar of choice, so this is a small victory for MSFT and a mere frustration – like a mosquito bite that annoys for a bit, but then you forget about it – for GOOG.

I’m sure that Microsoft offered better terms to Lenovo than Google did, but did Lenovo forget the “sexy” factor? While Windows Live will be fine for the normal corporate types, who by Lenovo’s Thinkpad, the Chinese computer manufacturer had expressed desires to reach more consumers. A 25-year old looking for a new laptop is more likely to feel the attraction of Google installed products than Microsoft. No, wait, scrap that, they’ll probably just buy a Mac.

  • I bought a Thinkpad, my brother-in-law bought one, my mother-in-law bought one, and my father-in-law is looking at a Mac. Maybe you meant to say 49-year old man? =P