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Despite as many as 80% of online video viewers finding ads annoying, marketers are still debating whether pre-roll ads (before) or post-roll ads (after) are the best way to utilize advertising in video.

Marketers continued their debate at a ClickZ forum in San Francisco this week.

Those for pre-roll…

“We’re qualifying pre-roll as the television advertising model, but everything is going to change. We’re working with companies and advertisers to create a theater show,” said Dorian Sweet, executive creative director for Tribal DDB.

“As long as we’re seeing demand for pre-roll, we’ll provide it. And the advertisers are still demanding it,” said Jessica Luterman, director of strategy and development for

“Everybody wants to live in that future world, but it’s not here yet,” agreed Jeff Meyer, senior vice president interactive ad sales for Scripps Networks. “The research that we’ve done says people don’t mind pre-roll.”

Those against…

Ian Shafer, CEO and founder of Deep Focus, was more direct regarding his annoyance with pre-roll. “In all cases, avoid pre-roll,” he said. “But if you’re going to do it, do it short.”

Not exactly a strong condemnation of pre-roll. I guess consumers will ultimately decide what works and what doesn’t. That said, the majority of TV viewers hate commercials, yet we still have that format.

  • Jordan McCollum

    Oddly enough, this was another thing that John Kim of Yahoo mentioned in passing in his keynote yesterday. In the Q&A I asked him for the data behind his statement, he referred us to this ClickZ article, but I don’t see any empirical data there, either.

    Did I mention that I love data?