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Two different ad-supported mobile services have been announced today.

CNN has relaunched its mobile site, now a free model supported by ads. MarketingVox reports:

The site will allow people to sign up for breaking news alerts via SMS. It will also feature a searchable news archive, correspondents blogs and a mobile-friendly two-minute video news update each hour.

That video show will have pre- and post-roll spots from Lexus, CNN Mobile’s first advertiser. Lexus will also put up banner ads on the site. The carmaker has signed up for the first month of the site under the deal, which was put together by the Zed agency.

Also today, Hovr premiers free mobile gaming supported by ads. Again from MarketingVox:

It uses its AdLogic Platform to let advertisers target users and dynamically insert pre- or post-roll ads in the games those players download. It also inserts ads in the middle of the game, such as the break between levels.

Hovr also connects the people who are downloading the games into a social network called Hovr MobileSpace. Such a network not only allows gamers to find others interested in the same thing but also gives Hovr a great way to collect user data that it can then use to help advertisers target specific groups.

Finally, Windows Mobile devices will now preload Yahoo services including Yahoo! Go 2.0 automatically, after a deal with HTC. Yahoo! Go 2.0 is about two months old, and is already in its “gamma” version. (Gamma comes after beta in the Greek alphabet.)
InfoWorld and Yahoo! each cover the deal and give details on Yahoo’s offerings.

  • What are some good blogs or websites that deal specifically with mobile marketing?

    I want to learn more about this area and find statistics on the users, technologies, etc.

    Where should I start?

  • Jordan McCollum

    Hey Mark–I gave it some thought and a little research and came up with some Mobile Marketing Resources for you!